Treat Tuesday-Mom’s Snickerdoodles

IMG_1405Such a classic cookie.  Totally reminds me of my childhood.  This recipe does not have brown sugar, or vanilla, or spices mixed in the dough.  It is simply a wonderfully buttery dough rolled in cinnamon sugar.

IMG_1393Your electric mixer pretty much does all the work in no time, and this is a great recipe if you need a big batch of cookies quickly.

IMG_1396IMG_1397Just roll into balls and then into cinnamon sugar.  Can you find the cookie?

IMG_1399As they bake they will spread out a bit.  Funny thing is, whenever my mom made them, they stayed in the shape of the balls.  I have never been able to replicate this and it puzzles me.  But the taste, exactly as if I just walked in the door from school and there they sat waiting for me in the kitchen.


Treat Tuesday-Mini Cream Cheese Brownies

IMG_1370Need an after school snack??  This is your recipe.  Think of them as baby whoopee pies without the marshmallows.

IMG_1358Why mini brownies?  First, look how adorable the pan and muffin papers are!

IMG_1359Second, who doesn’t love a recipe that calls for you to make a “well” in the center of the flour mixture to add the liquids.  Old school, am I right?!

IMG_1360This photo makes you think of preschool, making mud pies.  (yes, I am going with the back to school theme in case you have not yet caught on.)

IMG_1361Once you have made the brownie batter, fill up the muffin tins about 3/4 full.

IMG_1363Then you make the cream cheese mixture which include chocolate chips.  A dollop on top of your brownie batter and into the oven.

IMG_1366In 15 minutes you have the most wonderful, moist treat to satisfy K-12 and beyond.

Make a batch while you secretly plot how you can justify purchasing new school supplies for yourself…


Treat Tuesday-Pan S’mores

IMG_1345I took a summer hiatus from Treat Tuesday to try some new things in the kitchen.  I have definitely missed my Tuesday scents wafting through the home and my family has been complaining, oh how they just can’t make due with ice cream and box cookies.  So Treat Tuesday is officially back!  With the Olympics in full swing and daily pictures of the beach, I thought of campfires and S’mores.  Since I don’t think the beach is in my near future, I fired up the oven for a short spell and viola!

IMG_1333These are fabulous.  Start with a box of graham crackers and crush them up.

IMG_1335Add some sugar and eggs to complete the crust and bake it.

IMG_1337Next chopped up some bittersweet chocolate.

IMG_1338Spread over the hot crust.


IMG_1341Now the marshmallows.  You could use the miniatures but I love the way the jumbo ones look in rows like little soldiers.

IMG_1343Pop them in the broiler just until they are nice and golden brown.

Happy Tuesday!

Pan S’mores

Treat Tuesday-Fruit Tart with a story

IMG_1049So I have this list.  It’s my “50 before I’m 50” list.  So far I have knocked out 31 items.  I have until November, so the clock is ticking.  It’s not a bucket list, it is a list of all the things I have said over the years that I have wanted to do but I have not made the time for.  Plus, turning 50 isn’t exactly exciting so I had to find a way to make it fun!

IMG_1051So why a fruit tart?  Back in 1984 I received this cookbook with a tart pan.  I always intended to make a tart, but I think I became too involved with chocolate!

IMG_1046For the last month or so, I have studied this recipe.  It’s not that it was particularly hard, it was just quite time consuming with a number of steps.

IMG_1045In the end, it was a fun challenge that I think turned out as a good symbol for flag day.  Don’t you have a list??

Wine of the Week-Napa Cellars Chardonnay

IMG_1034Another great summer wine.  The first sip of this 2013 Chardonnay gives a hint of granny smith apple.  A few more sips yields a smooth slightly oakey flavor that is refreshing and full of body.

I had this with pork tenderloin and it was a great match. This wine would also be delicious with cheese and crackers or just drinking outdoors.

I would highly recommend picking up a bottle of Napa Cellars and enjoy poolside.

Wine of the Week-The Magnificent Wine Company-Pinot Gris

IMG_1001I live in a part of the country that has seen crazy amounts of rain and much cooler than average temperatures for the start of summer.  However, knowing that the steamy days are on the way, I tried out this wine and it is perfect for a sizzling evening.

This is a 2013 bottle from Washington State and it is a super light, refreshing wine that would be perfect with cheese and crackers or chicken on the grill.

Once it’s time to head to the beach or board the boat, bring this wine along in your cooler.

Treat Tuesday-Coffee-Chocolate Chip Shortbread

IMG_0995It’s ok if you don’t like coffee, you will still enjoy this treat.  It has the perfect amount of shortbread crunch with the gooeyness from the chocolate chips.  Another bonus, it takes very little time to create.

IMG_0981You start with a traditional shortbread dough of flour and butter but add in instant espresso coffee grounds.

IMG_0982Next you toss in a cup of chocolate chips.  You can use semi-sweet or bittersweet, I used the bittersweet because that was all I had in the pantry.

IMG_0985Then simply spread the dough evenly into the pan, look at the little specs of coffee!   Bake until lightly browned.  Let cool for 5 minutes and then cut into squares while warm.

IMG_0993Finally, melt about 1/4 cup of chocolate and drizzle over the top of the shortbread.

Super easy but amazing flavor.  You can do this.  Walk to the fridge and set the butter on the counter and let it come to room temperature while you answer a few more emails, run the kids to practice, throw in a load of laundry, and record your favorite guilty pleasure on tv.  Now make the shortbread.  C’mon, it’s Tuesday…Treat yourself!

Coffee-Chocolate Chip Shortbread

Treat Tuesday-Jenay’s Famous Lemon Bars

IMG_0968I came across this recipe in one of my favorite cookbooks that a dear friend gave me titled, “Sweet on Texas.”  This is possibly the best lemon bar recipe out there.

IMG_0957The crust is perfect, not too crumbly, not too dry.  When you mix it together it makes a nice soft dough and from the picture you can see my (clean) fingerprints.

IMG_0965This recipe uses fresh lemon juice and since the recipe calls for a whole cup, I purchased these great big lemons.  I used one of my favorite kitchen tools, the Microplane, for the lemon zest.

IMG_0961You must use fresh lemons and squeeze them yourself!  I also strained the juice before I poured it into the batter to make sure there were not any seed pieces or pulp keeping the batter from being perfectly smooth.

IMG_0963You bake these bars until they are golden brown and the center is firm and then refrigerate them before cutting into squares.

IMG_0973A sprinkle of powdered sugar and it’s a refreshing sweet treat.  A lemon is a fruit.  You could even have these for breakfast…maybe…


Treat Tuesday-Toffee Bars

IMG_0892I was feeling nostalgic with Mother’s Day this week, so I pulled down a cookbook I inherited from my mom, Better Homes and Gardens New Cookbook.

IMG_0878Hang with me for a minute while I share this gem with you.  I looked for a published date, 1962…it is older than me!

IMG_0879The pictures are quite “stylish”.  (I need this dress)

IMG_0880This cake is called Snowflake Pudding…it looks like it wiggles.

IMG_0881Isn’t this how you family is dressed when you are barbecuing?

IMG_0874Ok, so back to this Toffee.  It’s the best recipe, only 5 ingredients!  You just mix and dump on a jellyroll pan.  Truth be told, it really looks like your basic chocolate chip pan cookie, so I thought maybe toffee bars was a fancy way back in the day to say “bar cookie”.

IMG_0877Once you press the dough evenly over the pan and bake, you realize it might actually be more toffee like and less cookie, since it really does not rise.

IMG_0885It is cut into bars while it is still warm because it get hard…just like toffee!!

IMG_0882My mom didn’t write in this cookbook, but I mark every recipe I try.  This one earns the highest ranking!

IMG_0887Dig out your doilies and fine china and  enjoy a couple of bars with a cup of tea.

Happy Mother’s Day to my mom and all the mom’s looking for a quiet spot to have a treat!


Treat Tuesday-Buttery Pound Cake with Salty Caramel Glaze

IMG_0851I feel like Chicken Little…”the sky is falling!”  Or maybe we are going to be sucked up into the sky as we have spent the day on storm alert.  Best way to deal with disaster?  Bake a cake!  Not just any cake for such an occasion but the most amazing pound cake ever.

IMG_0820You may think I’m exaggerating or suffering from early stages of PDS,  (Particularly Dangerous Situation…it’s a real weather term now, look it up), but I promise this cake is amazing.  You start with a super moist pound cake that has been whipped up, with real whip cream!

IMG_0839As the cake cools, you mix brown sugar, more cream, and butter together in a pan to make the caramel sauce.  Your home will begin to smell just like a candy factory.

IMG_0833Once the glaze is made you poke holes all over the pound cake so the delicious sticky caramel glaze can seep down into the middle of the cake.

IMG_0843(You can tell yourself that you are not going to get a spoon and starting delving into the warm caramel that pours off the cake…)

IMG_0854I’m going to go ahead and pre-slice several pieces, just in case the electricity goes out and I need food provisions…