Girls Guide to the Grill:

Do you own a grill? Is it gas or charcoal? Do you use it or wait for someone else to fire it up for you? It is time you check it out…it really isn’t scary and you can make gourmet meals fast!

I have a gas grill from Weber as pictured and I love it! Easy to start, easy to regulate the temperature, and easy to cook everything from meat, chicken, vegetables, and even pizza!

Cleaning is a pain, there is no mincing words here, however, you only need to really clean it thoroughly every couple of months or when you cook something with a lot of grease drippings (bacon!). Otherwise a nice, sturdy brush will suffice between grill uses and think about how many fewer times you will have to clean up the kitchen!

When shopping for a grill, keep a few things in mind. Spend some money and go with a name brand, but understand it will not last you a lifetime. I have had three grills in 20 plus years, but it is because I use them year round. My suggestions:

Skip the bells and whistles, unless you know you are going to cook on a burner next to your grill, or you are really going to do a lot of chopping on a huge cutting board. These items can make a grill look really cool, but unless you are building an entire outdoor kitchen, stick with a basic grill.

Get at least 3 burners, if not 4. For those times you invite friends over for burgers, you want plenty of space so you are not penned into cooking just six patties at a time.

For a gas grill, get one with a one touch lighter. Knowing I don’t have to stick a match up in the grill to get a flame, makes me more eager to grill.

Buy an extra propane tank. Trust me on this one. The first time you have to bring your grilled meal into the house to finish it up in the oven, you will buy your backup propane tank. Learn from me!

Buy a cover for your grill, and use it!!

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