ramsay-32I have been interested in cooking since I was a young girl. For my high school graduation, I received my Kitchen Aid Mixer and for college graduation I got my beloved food processor! My first job was in a deli. At home, my parents gave me free rein to experiment in the kitchen, where I spent many hours making desserts and snacks. During college, my roommates and I made periodic treats. It was after I married my husband Mike that I started cooking full meals on a regular basis. I had so much fun trying out new recipes he started complaining he never got to enjoy some of his favorites because I wouldn’t repeat any dishes! Balancing a full-time job and mothering two young boys led me to hone in on recipes that were quick and easy. On Sundays, I would prepare meals for the week, or prep ingredients I could toss in the slow-cooker. Voila! Dinner would be ready when we came home at night.
This website was born so that I could share my family’s favorite meals, along with my love of being in the kitchen. I hope your family enjoys trying these meals as well. If you have a question, just email me.  I look forward to helping everyone who clicks through the site to find some new ideas for sharing meals with family and friends. Happy Cooking!