Treat Tuesday-Toffee Treats

Toffee Treats are a super simple, quick dessert that makes a full size pan of treats perfect for any holiday event you might have coming up. Stick with milk chocolate for the topping so it doesn’t overpower the crust.

In your mixing bowl cream the butter and sugar, then add in the egg yolk, vanilla, and flour. This dough comes together in a snap!

Spread it out in a greased pan until it is an even layer and bake until golden brown, about 25 minutes.

Now for the chocolate layer. I used these Divine milk chocolate bars and broke them up into squares and rectangles.

Place the chocolate bars on top of the warm crust and let them melt.

Spread the chocolate evenly.

Let cool for a few more minutes then cut into squares while they are still slightly warm.

Crowd pleasers!!