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Treat Tuesday-Yellow Cupcakes with Simple Chocolate Frosting

I did a lot of baking last week, so this week I wanted something simple.  No, not cake mix from a box…never!  However a recipe that did not take a ton of time but delivered on deliciousness.  These cupcakes were perfect!

The batter whips together very quickly, just make sure you do plan enough time to let the butter and eggs come to room temperature.  All you need is one muffin pan and some paper liners.

Bake until golden brown and then remove from the pan to let cool.

Now for the frosting.  First you start with some semi-sweet chocolate, finely chopped.

Add a cup of simmering cream and let stand 5 minutes.  Whisk until smooth and pop in the fridge for about 45 minutes to cool.

Transfer the chocolate to a mixer and let it whip up your frosting into a mousse like consistency.

The whole dozen will be gone in one day.


Treat Tuesday-Cast-Iron Cookie

Here is a quick way to make chocolate chip cookies.  It’s like the cookie cake you get from the mall, but so so much better!!

You spread the dough using half a bag of chocolate chips into the pan.

Then sprinkle the remaining chocolate chips on top and lightly press them in to the dough.

Bake for 40-50 minutes and then let stand for 15 minutes.  You will have a nicely browned cookie cake that just begs for huge scoops of vanilla ice cream!!


Wine of the Week-Cooper & Thief

This wine is so good!  The bottle caught my eye because it is short and stocky like a whisky bottle, which makes sense because this wine is actually aged in bourbon whiskey barrels.

A California wine from 2014, this is a wonderfully rich, jammy red that has a hint of bourbon flavor.

Open a bottle and enjoy on it’s own or with a pizza for dinner.

Wine of the Week-Turkovich The Boss Red Blend

One of my Aunt’s that lives in California sent this wine to me and it is one of my favorites.

This 2014 bottle is a mix of Syrah, Petite Verdot, Tannat, Malbec, and Cabernet Sauvignon.

I served this with grilled flank steak and roasted potatoes and it was a perfect match.

It’s a new year, try a new wine!

Treat Tuesday-Chocolate Buttermilk Pudding

Treat Tuesday is back!  Not that I didn’t bake up a storm in December but I wasn’t organized to post all the Christmas goodies.  So Happy New Year with a nice, rich pudding.  I know.  New Year’s Resolutions probably don’t include pudding.  But it’s the first Tuesday after holiday break, so give yourself a little treat after struggling to get back into a routine.

This recipe is so good!  Start with some sugar, cocoa, and cornstarch.

Add a nice thick buttermilk.
(By the way, these basic measuring cups are my favorite liquid measures.)

Next mix some heavy cream, egg yolks, and an egg together.

Slowly stream the cream into the buttermilk mixture and bring to a boil, stirring until the pudding becomes thick.

Add chopped semi-sweet chocolate and whisk until melted.  Pour into a bowl.

Seal the bowl with plastic wrap, pressing the wrap directly onto the pudding to keep a skin from forming on top of the pudding.

This beats a plastic pudding cup from the grocery store.  The flavor is buttermilk pie meets chocolate.  If you are going to cheat a little, make it worth it!


Treat Tuesday-Checkboard Spice Cake

img_1862So you might be thinking of hitting the liquor cabinet as you watch the election results, or perhaps you are a house divided and you are wondering how to navigate the evening.  Never fear, this cake with a mug of tea, is just the answer as you curl up on the sofa and ponder the idea of maybe turning on Netflix…

img_1850Start with a basic cake batter, then divide it into two bowls.

img_1852Leave one alone and add spices and molasses to the other batter and mix well.


img_1855Now for the fun part (because you could probably use some fun in your life right now!), alternate tablespoons of batter into your loaf pan.

img_1856The batter will start to settle and you can see the marbling taking place even before you put the cake in the oven.

img_1870Pop it in to bake for an hour and the smell of this cake will immediately turn your thoughts to roaring fireplaces and sugar plums dancing in your head to take the place of things such as illegal emails and unpaid taxes.

It’s probably easier to bake this cake then move to Canada.  Just sayin…


Treat Tuesday-Pumpkin Empanadas

img_1692Empanada means stuffed, baked pastry.  Think of these are your very own personal pumpkin pie.  These are not that complicated to make, easier than a pie crust and they are fantastic with a little whipped cream or vanilla ice cream on top.

img_1679First the dough.  It’s just flour, with cinnamon.

img_1681Once you add the shortening (yes, shortening.  Don’t freak.  You want your crust flakey right?!  If it was good enough for Loretta Lynn, it is good enough for me!) and water, you make these little dough balls and refrigerate them.

img_1685Next you flatten the dough and roll them into little circles.

img_1683The filling is just like pumpkin pie, some delicious pumpkin, sugar, more cinnamon, and ginger.

img_1684You fill the circle, fold them over, and seal the edges.  Just look at the specs of cinnamon in the dough.

img_1686-1Bake until they are golden brown.

Make some to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of “It’s a Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown”



Treat Tuesday-One Bowl Fudge Cookies

img_1570That’s right, one bowl.  To be precise, it’s actually one saucepan.  You can whip these bad boys up on the stove and get away with only have to wash one pan and the cookie scoop.

img_1562Basically you toss the ingredients into the pan, turn on the stove and start stirring.  Your dough will begin to look like coarse, wet sand.

img_1563The more you stir, you will begin to see your cookie dough take shape.  That’s it.  Plop on a cookie sheet and bake.

img_1574It’s almost like a brownie in cookie form.

You need these.  Today.


Treat Tuesday-Applesauce Cake

img_1515I’m craving fall flavors, even though fall seems elusive right now.  This cake just what I needed.  I call it the Applesauce Cake because when the apples cook into the cake that is exactly what it tastes like on the top layer.

img_1500I used Granny Smith apples cut into sections.  They get dropped into a pan of honey and lemon juice and cook until they are nice and tender.

img_1502img_1505The batter is delicious with the addition of lemon rind.  It is then smoothed into a springform pan with the cooked apples added on top.

img_1507Then the best part, cinnamon and sugar!  Didn’t you eat cinnamon and sugar toast as a kid for breakfast?  It was one of my favorites, but now I rely on Trader Joes to make it for me…

img_1508Sprinkle the mixture on top of the apples and bake.

img_1517Enjoy this with a cup of coffee (iced) while dreaming of sweaters, scarves, and fuzzy slippers.


Treat Tuesday-Chip Cookies

img_1474I played a game with my family over this recipe.  Guess the secret ingredient.  They couldn’t identify what I had added to the dough and some of the guesses were most random.

img_1463The secret, potato chips!  Crushed up Lay’s to be exact.  We had an event over the weekend and I was a little zealous on the purchasing of chips, so this seemed like the perfect use for them.

img_1465img_1466The chips are crushed and added to the batter along with chocolate chips.  Really, how can you not like that?!

img_1467The batter is just slightly salty and the right amount of sweet.

img_1469The cookies are then simply dropped onto a cookie sheet and baked until golden.

img_1475Try one while they are still warm and the chocolate is soft and gooey.

img_1478You will never look at another bag of chips in the same way.