Treat Tuesday-Pumpkin Cookies with Brown Butter Frosting

It’s pumpkin time! And these might be the best pumpkin cookies!! They taste like mini pumpkin cakes with the added bonus of the stellar brown butter frosting.

Butter, brown sugar, and granulated sugar are whipped until nice and fluffy.

Next up is the pumpkin! One of the great things about pumpkin is that it keeps the cookie from being dry and this recipe adds just the right amount of pumpkin flavor.

Flour and spices including cinnamon and freshly ground nutmeg compliment the pumpkin.

This batter comes together quickly and easily.

Scoop onto a cookie sheet and bake until firm.

These are delicious on their own but the frosting elevates this to a gourmet cookie.

The frosting begins with browning a stick of butter.

Once cooled, the butter is added to powdered sugar and vanilla. You can see all the browned butter flecks in the frosting!

Your countertop needs these cookies piled high on a platter! Happy baking season!!


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