Treat Tuesday-Marble Spice Bundt Cake

This is an all-purpose cake, if there is such a thing. It can be used for a brunch, for dessert, and it makes a perfect snack cake as well. Filled with spices and a hint of molasses, it is a delicious cake for any occasion, even a Tuesday!

Start with a bundt pan. For this recipe I used PAM Baking Cooking Spray which has flour in it. It works perfectly for getting your cake to just slip out of the pan when you flip it over after cooling.

Flour, baking powder, and salt are whisked together.

Four eggs are placed into a separate bowl.

Add sugar, milk, melted butter, and some canola oil.

The flour is then gradually added to the egg mixture.

Three cups of the batter is put in another bowl and the molasses and spices are added. Make sure all of your spices are fresh and not expired, it will make a big difference in this cake if some of your spices have turned!

Layer half the plain batter in the bundt pan and do half the spice batter on top.

Now for the fun part! Swirl the batters together with a wooden skewer to create the marbling.

The cake bakes for about 45 minutes and then cools for an hour before inverting.

Grab a cup of tea or a scoop of ice cream on a warm slice of cake and enjoy snack time!


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