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Secret Ingredient Party

P1000503 - Version 3I love tasting new dishes and trying to figure out what ingredients are blended together to make the recipe.  For a couple of years I have been thinking about putting on a party to do just that, guess what key ingredient has been added to a recipe to send it over the top.  So I put pen to paper and started jotting down some ideas, a list of potential “secret” ingredients and the party was born!

IMG_3768Start with an invitation that introduces your guest to the concept of the party and include an option for those that may just want to come taste but not cook.  Have the “non-cooks” bring a bottle of wine to be enjoyed at the party or invite them to be a judge (more on that to come).  Once your guest responds with an RSVP, then you can assign them a secret ingredient.  Suggest they prepare of a dish of their choosing (Appetizer, Main Dish, or Dessert).  If they don’t like their secret ingredient offer them one, but only one, alternative.  Keep them guessing if the next one would be better or worse than their first ingredient!

P1000493Now as the host your job is easy since all the food is being provided.  Clean the house, purchase some beverages and shop for the following items:

Paper Plates and Napkins
get double what you normally would so your guests don’t have to put appetizers and desserts on the same plate
Place Cards
to write the numbers on for each dish
Note Cards
for your guests to jot down their guesses
Ink Pens
Plastic Forks

IMG_3838Let the fun begin!  Have a master list with your guests name on it and as they walk in and set their dish down, put the corresponding number by their name.  Let your guests grab a plate and begin tasting and writing down their guesses.  You can even provide your partygoers with a list of potential ingredients that may (or may not!) have been used.

P1000500 - Version 3Every good party should have food, wine, and of course prizes!  Award a treat for the person who guessed the most ingredients.  Then bring in the judges.  Let them determine winners for “Most Creative use of an Ingredient”, “Most Likely to be on Food Network”, or the ever popular, “Judges Choice”!

IMG_3839So draw up your guest list, be creative on your secret ingredients, and have fun!  Here is a list to get you started:

Cayenne Pepper
Chai Tea
Potato Chips
Candy Cane
Balsamic Vinegar
Sundried Tomatoes
Sriracha Sauce