Treat Tuesday-Strawberries Romanoff

This dessert could also be called “Drunk Strawberries”. This is so delicious and the perfect dessert to make when the mercury is in the red and you don’t want to heat up the kitchen. The stove and oven are not needed for this treat!

Start with juicy, ripe strawberries that you hull and wash thoroughly.

The key ingredient to make these strawberries decadent is Grand Marnier. You probably have some of this in your bar cabinet because you have been adding it to your summer margaritas!

Mix the Grand Marnier with sugar and orange zest. Don’t cheat here. Get an orange and zest it completely. Don’t try to use something from a jar, just don’t. Those little tiny bits of orange peel add flavor and a great orange aroma to this dessert.

Combine the strawberries with the Grand Marnier mixture and let the berries soak up the goodness in the refrigerator for a couple of hours.

Spoon into a dish and top with fresh whipping cream. Again, try not to skimp here and use something from a can. It takes just a couple of minutes to make fresh whip cream and the taste is amazing. Real whipped cream looks just like clouds!

Lighten up your summer with this decadent dessert.