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So it might be a little weird to have a category on a cooking website titled, “Football”, but living in Texas with all males in my home, football and food is quite the norm! Whenever our favorite teams are playing, I am requested to provide the snacks, meals, and dessert depending on the hour of the game. What a great excuse to try a new treat…are you ready for some football?!

Cheese and Crackers for the Whole Team

IMG_3610One of the best appetizers for football watching has to be cheese and crackers.  For your next game watching party, whip up a batch of this Boursin Cheese.  It makes enough for a crowd and the flavor is just as good if not better than what you buy from your local cheese shop!  Be sure the cream cheese and butter is at room temperature and make this a day or two in advance to give the herbs time to fully flavor the cheese.


Game Day Dip

Artichoke DipIt was a serious football watching weekend and that means more football food!  This artichoke spinach dip is made for your tailgates at home as it tastes great straight out of the oven when it is warm and bubbly.  It doesn’t take any time to prepare and you can serve it with chips, sliced bread, or crackers.  Make sure you follow the directions for removing all of the water from the spinach or your dip will be too watery.


Helmets, Pads, and…Popcorn!

chili popcorn 2It’s that time of year again!  The players hit the gridiron and the fans plop down on the couch in need of a good snack to go with the game.  This Chili Popcorn is one of our favorites to bust out when the players take the field.  It is just the right amount of spice without being too hot for kids of all ages.  So pour your favorite beverage, pop the popcorn, and enjoy the game!  Hint:  the best popcorn for this recipe is the old fashioned version using kernels and a bit of oil in a pan on the stove.