Treat Tuesday-Checkboard Spice Cake

img_1862So you might be thinking of hitting the liquor cabinet as you watch the election results, or perhaps you are a house divided and you are wondering how to navigate the evening.  Never fear, this cake with a mug of tea, is just the answer as you curl up on the sofa and ponder the idea of maybe turning on Netflix…

img_1850Start with a basic cake batter, then divide it into two bowls.

img_1852Leave one alone and add spices and molasses to the other batter and mix well.


img_1855Now for the fun part (because you could probably use some fun in your life right now!), alternate tablespoons of batter into your loaf pan.

img_1856The batter will start to settle and you can see the marbling taking place even before you put the cake in the oven.

img_1870Pop it in to bake for an hour and the smell of this cake will immediately turn your thoughts to roaring fireplaces and sugar plums dancing in your head to take the place of things such as illegal emails and unpaid taxes.

It’s probably easier to bake this cake then move to Canada.  Just sayin…