Treat Tuesday-Chip Cookies

img_1474I played a game with my family over this recipe.  Guess the secret ingredient.  They couldn’t identify what I had added to the dough and some of the guesses were most random.

img_1463The secret, potato chips!  Crushed up Lay’s to be exact.  We had an event over the weekend and I was a little zealous on the purchasing of chips, so this seemed like the perfect use for them.

img_1465img_1466The chips are crushed and added to the batter along with chocolate chips.  Really, how can you not like that?!

img_1467The batter is just slightly salty and the right amount of sweet.

img_1469The cookies are then simply dropped onto a cookie sheet and baked until golden.

img_1475Try one while they are still warm and the chocolate is soft and gooey.

img_1478You will never look at another bag of chips in the same way.